Landscape, Art and Uncertainty

Southampton City Art Gallery

7 September 2013 – 5 January 2014

This exhibition consisted of works by Iain Biggs, Deborah Gardner, Melanie Rose and Judith Tucker. Each artist was invited to exhibit existing works or make new work in response to selected paintings and prints from Southampton Gallery’s Neo-Romantic collection. Gardner exhibited another version of World within World, made during the artists’ residency at Armley Mills, in response to Stanley Spencer’s painting Pound Field Cookham and a new work made in direct response to John Piper’s Portland Foreshore. World within World (version II) sought to form spatial compositional comparisons with Spencer’s work through devices of partial viewing, made mysterious and elsewhere by the screening of trees, branches and distance. Portland Isle explored the dramatic use of lighting in Piper’s print and its reference to an uncanny landscape and theatrical space.

This exhibition was accompanied by the LAND2 symposium Uncertain Exchanges, where Gardner presented a paper titled Shifting Ground: Navigation and Negotiation