Deborah Gardner’s practice is process and materially led, inspired by such things as the vibrancy of cell, plant and geological structures, imagined future environments and networkable and accumulative structures.  Gardner is a lecturer at the  University of Leeds and is a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors, the Yorkshire Sculptors Group and LAND2 (Practice led research network). She has exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries, museums, cemeteries, sculpture parks and industrial regeneration sites.

Gardner is currently continuing art and science collaboration.  Recent projects have been supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry, Pint of Science Creative Reactions,  the Zoological Society of London and the Integrated Biological Imaging Network (KCL)  and  have explored shared methods and processes in art and science research practice.  Most recent work considers imagined plant life in future biospheres and our shifting relationship with plants. Future exhibitions for 2022 include ‘Propagate’ at the South London Botanical Insitute and a sculpture for Wakefield Cathedral