Journeys around the Home is a seven-minute film made up of an exchange of still photographs between Deborah Gardner and Andrea Thoma, made in a response to the place of their homes. The film was part of the touring group exhibition European Dialogue, which began at the Inselgalerie, Berlin and toured to Spain, Italy, and Poland. The final work also has a voice-over of Gardner and Thoma’s discussion of the project and reflections on their findings, this introduces a documentary element to the work. Gardner and Thoma travelled around the home, re-examining their familiar seemingly known places, which then became sites for ongoing aesthetic exploration. These are a selection of images Gardner took travelling around her home. The process examined interrelations between a mise-en-scène and the consideration of sculpture in the context of the home. This investigation explored notions of the Uncanny and the Surrealists’ disruption of the domestic space in which dreams, memories and present perceptions coexist. At times, members of the family were co-opted into performing within the home and consequently acted as a means of also measuring the space of the home.