Passages. 13th-28th November 2022

Passages is a Yorkshire Sculpture group exhibition at the Old Parcel Office Art Space, Scarborough. The exhibition responds to the history of the art space, formerly a waiting room at the station and then a red parcel office, and the passengers travelling to and from the city. The steam train signalled the dawn of the new modern world, enabling the public to visit seaside resorts, unaware it also signalled the beginning of the Anthropocene. Once a waiting room for Scarborough train station, The Old Parcel Office traces a history of passages to and from the sea, as crowds of tourists travelled by steam train. Scarborough can still boast its continuing success as a beautiful seaside resort. Initiatives, such as the marine industry pioneering large-scale seaweed farming, indicates exciting developments in environmental protection through carbon sequestration and the emergence of another form of tourism, ecotourism. Seaweed marine forests are growing off the Scarborough coast, we are invited to see how these initiatives work and buy seaweed produce, creating future passages for seaside tourism and souvenirs.