Evolutionary Tree, Creative Reactions

Deborah Gardner recently collaborated with the scientist Dr Catrin Rutland (Veterinary School of Medicine, University of Nottingham) in a Creative Reactions virtual exhibition.

The exhibition, titled ‘Evolutionary Tree’, is the ‘art meets science’ branch of the national science fair Pint of Science. Evolutionary Tree is a sculptural response to Dr Catlin Rutland’s discovery of the first os cordis bone in a chimpanzee’s heart.

Evolutionary Tree senses the tree-like structure within the micro CT scanning of the newly discovered bone and the resulting sculpture allows an internal scaffold to spread out branch-like. The tree of life is a universally understood model to explore the evolution of life and relationships based upon similarities and differences; it seems apt that the os cordis discovered for the first time in a chimpanzee’s heart reminds us that these similarities and differences among biological species are open to reappraisal.